Wartrol IngredientsThe ingredients in Wartrol™ make it a choice for many people. Unlike prescription drugs, Wartrol is free from any and all side effects.

As noted incorrectly on many websites, Wartrol is NOT a homeopathic treatment. You don’t take it internally, you don’t drop it under your tongue and wait for the effects as many claim. Be careful with sites that claim that this is a homeopathic treatment and you should not trust a site that gives you false information which is why you should only buy from a trusted source.

For your information, Wartrol comes with a convenient brush on applicator and is for external use only. Not to be taken internally and should be used only by persons over the age of 18. Please read the labeling for proper use.


Is Wartrol A Precription Drug?

Wartrol is not a prescription drug. It is an over the counter liquid wart remover that does not require embarrassing visits to your doctor. If in doubt, contact your local physician.

Salicylic Acid

The name may scare you but actually Salicylic Acid is the main ingredient in Wartrol that is responsible for removing infections and removing common warts, planter warts and warts caused by the HIV virus. It is safe to use with no after affects as its only used internally. Doctors will use varying strengths of Salicylic Acid in their daily practice. You will also find Salicylic Acid in other topical solutions that promise to clear up pimples, acne, blemishes and products that clear up red spots, rashes etc.

Wild Yellow Indigo: is a flower found in Southeastern Canada. While this flower is understood to be toxic, that is only true if you consume huge quantities of it. There is a very, very little amount in Wartrol and this exists to assist the body combat infections naturally.

Potassium Hydrate: is only used in holistic remedies due to its amazing recovery properties.

Nitric Acid: is wonderful for recovering wounds located on the skin. This active ingredient works to recover the locations of the body where warts previously happened, providing your skin a more natural look.

Arbor Vitae: assists enhance the connection between the brain and your motor and sensory systems. The more powerful this connection is, the better the body will be able to heal. There have actually been many studies to prove this in current years.

Inactive Ingredients

Inactive ingredients includes Menthol, Flexible Collodion, Hydroxypropylcellulose, Ascorbic Acid, Ethyl Alcohol, and Polysorbate-80. There is so little of these ingredients this product that its not even mentioned on the label.

I’m Worried About Side Effects

There is absolutely no reason to be concerned. The product has been around for over 15yrs and not one person has ever reported an issue. So feel confident that you too will never experience a reaction to the product.

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